How to get new features of Issue Calendar for Jira


Recently, there has been an update to the plugin that brought a whole bunch of the new features that will make your agile work easier.

New features

  • filtering (no need for JQL)
  • drag-n-drop
  • customisation of fields

1. Filtering (no need for JQL)

New filters bring you an ability to see issues assigned only to you or to others, you can pick a custom workflow status (TODO, IN PROGRESS or DONE) or also specific issue type, for example subtask, bug or a story.

The new filters work without you needing to know JQL. The filters are user-intuitive and very easy to select.

Check the preview on the GIF below 👇

2. Drag-n-drop

This new feature will allow you to change the date of the individual issues simply by dragging them around in the calendar view.

Dragging will change either Start date or Due date.

Dragging works currently only for “single-day” issues. For “multiple-day” issue will b e dragging implemented sometime in the future.

3. Customisation of fields

You’ll appreciate this if you are an advanced Jira user. In case you are not using the default Jira fields (Start date, Due date), you can customise those fields in the calendar. The calendar loads issues based on those fields.

How to get the new features

The displaying of issues has been split into the separate plugin, because it was very difficult to maintain events and issues inside one plugin.

You have three options:

➡️ I want to use events and issues:

You need to install the two plugins, Event Calendar for Jira and Issue Calendar for Jira

➡️ I just need events:

You don’t have to do anything, just keep using your current plugin.

➡️ I need just issues:

In this case you need to uninstall Event Calendar for Jira and install the new plugin Issue Calendar for Jira.

📞 Where to get help

In case you are unsure of the migration process, or just need to clarify something, please reach us through the live chat or email

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