“That is not my name” 🤔

Some of you who are using one of our plugins Daily Standups for Jira may have experienced a very strange situation. And that is that the live chat that serves as a communication channel between you and Aldeva Digital showed you a different name than is your actual name.

Date of the happening: 2021-06-30 00:01:00 (UTC)

Date of resolution: 2021-06-30 13:00:00 (UTC)

What was happening?

This strange situation was happening on a very few Jira instances. In particular only on Jira instances that signed up for Daily Stanups for Jira a few weekly after the plugin launch (in 2020).

You may have experienced, that instead of your actual name shown within the chat box, there appeared a name of your colleague or a name that was unknown to you. The name that was unknown to you was just a randomly generated name that served for testing purposes.

It was caused by a technical error, that caused an incorrect user name to be assigned to an incorrect user id. This resulted in sending a mixed user names into our live-chat system. And because of that our live-chat system displayed an incorrect user name in an automated message that may have been sent to your side.

What kind of data was affected?

This situation regarded only your jira user name.

Where there any data leaked?

In this situation there were no data leaked.



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