Month: July 2021

List View for Jira: July ’21 update

During the past week there was an update to the Issue List View for Jira addon. It included a few of visual updates that made the plugin that much more usable: a issue type icon (TASK, BUG, STORY…) was added a priority icon was added the columns order was changes to resemble the list view […]

Introducing: Sharing Project Notes to user groups! ๐ŸŽŠ

A few days ago we received a positive review for one of our apps. The review also contained a very interesting feature request. The Project Notes for Jira has already contained a feature of sharing a note amongst your colleagues. But if you wanted to share a note for everybody on the project, you had […]

1 year of Aldeva Digital ๐ŸŽŠ

Time passes quickly and Aldeva Digital has its first year behind it. In this article I am going to sum up everything interesting that happened and I hope this stats will be interesting to you. Stats Num. of Users The most important metric of any company are their customers. I am very glad to announce, […]

Team-managed vs Company-managed projects in Jira. What’s the difference?

In Jira, you could have encountered the two terms, team managed project and company managed project used concurrently without realising they might mean something different in the terms of project administration. And in reality they do. The differences are subtle, but if you want to take your Jira administration to the next level or you […]