Event Calendar has been around for quite some time now. At the beginning it made a promise to be a powerful solution to planning and organizing of your meeting and events.

Unfortunately it was unable to keep up with the needs of you as a Customer – which made us very sad.

However it was a great opportunity to embark on a journey of making the plugin fully featured so as it can compete with the giants, like for example Google Calendar or even Outlook365.

🎉 Fully featured calendar solution for Jira&Confluence 🎉

Event Calendar for Jira – Introducing fully featured calendar solution for Jira&Confluence

So what’s included?

  • a new personal calendar – shows your events and the event’s you’re invited to
  • new views (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • new placements (project, dashboard, general)
  • new integrations (google, outlook365, ics)
  • new functions (recurring events, reminders, address book)
  • new compliance (support, security, cloud fortified) – currently in progress – available in 2024
  • dozens of bugs fixed
  • and the best of all, works for Jira&Confluence!

When it becomes available?

As of now, we’re in process in deploying the new features. You should see the new functions during the start-mid November 2023.

How much it will cost?

  • for customers who installed before 30th Jun, 2023 – free of charge until 30th Jun, 2024*
  • for customers who installed between “30th Jun, 2023” and “31st Oct, 2023 – free of charge until 31st Mar, 2024*
  • for customers who install after 31st Oct, 2023 – pricing based on the current marketplace conditions. The prices will become available on the marketplace page

* We reserve an exclusive, irrevocable and unlimited right not to grant a promo code if we believe our service offering might be compromised.

How do I get this update?

The plugin wil update automatically in your Jira account so there’s no need to do any additional action.

How this update affects my existing calendar events?

Your data will be automatically migrated to the new version without any need to do a manual migration. If you happen to observe some kind of disruptance in your account, get in touch with us (via email or live chat) and we’ll make it priority to fix the problems.

What to do if I have any additional questions?