How to migrate from “Event Calendar for Jira” to “Issue Calendar for Jira”

This article is outdated.
This article no longer applies. Please, do not follow this tutorial

This guide will walk you through the migration from Event Calendar for Jira into Issue Calendar for Jira.

To read about the migration details and reasons, check out our blog.

Who should migrate

If you used the plugin primarily for:

  • displaying issues in the calendar

In this case, you have to migrate from using the Event Calendar for Jira into Issue Calendar for Jira because displaying issues from the Event Calendar for Jira will be removed!

Who needn’t to migrate

If you used the plugin primarily for:

  • managing events and meeting

In this case you used the plugin for its primary purpose, that is event and meeting management. In this case you don’t have to migrate and you can skip this tutorial entirely.

Questions to ask before migration

What if I use your old plugin for event management and I also want displaying issues in my calendar?

In this case you can keep using the Event Calendar for Jira and just install the addon Issue Calendar for Jira into your workspace 🙂.

Migration guide

1. Uninstall the plugin

Note: The plugin does not story any of your personal data and because of that you do not have to fear, that you will lose your data.

Uninstalling the plugin will not delete your data.

Navigate into the Manage apps section from within the Apps menu in the top navigation.

2. Find the app in the list

Find the application Event Calendar for Jira in the list of your apps and click to expand details.

3. Install the new app

Now that you have the old app uninstalled, it’s time to install the new app Issue Calendar for Jira.

This app can be found on 👉 Atlassian Marketplace.

In order to proceed next, simply install the app from the marketplace. If you are not sure about the next steps, check out our easy-to-understand 👉 Getting Started guide.

issue calendar for jira
The new Issue Calendar for Jira addon


In this tutorial you learnt how to migrate from using an app Event Calendar for Jira to the app Issue Calendar for Jira, if you needed to display issues on the calendar.

In case there is something unclear to you, get in touch with us within the 📞 live chat.

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