How to share access to a Event Calendar to user groups

Event Calendar for Jira is by default built in a way that shows you only the calendars/events that you create. Or in other words just like any other calendar service.

It might happen, that you want to:

  • share a calendar to 250 people or more at once
  • share a calendar across your whole organisation
  • share a calendar within your team of 5
  • … and so on

In order to accomplish the examples above, you need to explicitly allow permissions to other people, so as they are able to see the calendar that you created.

In this tutorial you’ll learn, how to make a calendar visible to a group of people at one.

1. Open up a list of calendars

The first step is to find the calendar you want to share. You can do it by clicking Apps -> Calendar from within the top navigation menu.

Then you should see a list of your available calendars on the right.

2. Find your calendar to share

Once you get to the list of the calendars, find a calendar you want to share and click a “three dot icon” on the right.

After that a list of options shows up where you’ll find the one called “Share access“.

3. Select sharing to a group

A new popup window will show up. In this popup window switch to a tab called “Groups“.

In here you can look up a single or multiple user groups that you want to have your calendar shared with.

It does not matter, if the group has only two or ten thousand members, all of them will see the calendar.

Once you picked the desired user group. simply click “Save” and your colleagues will see this calendar in their calendar list.

Beware of permissions

Before you’ll share the calendar, you should decide, if you want your colleagues only to SEE the events or also MANAGE (edit, create and delete) the events.

For every user group you will have an option to set the permission like on the screenshot below.

Final thoughts

In this tutorial I showed you how to share an access to a calendar for more than one person. This is very quick and efficient way how to allow your team to see your schedule.

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