Mainly due to your feedback 🦻 it has been decided that a feature that will allow sharing calendars for user groups in Jira was implemented with priority.

Sharing access to user groups

Up until now if your Jira instance was having 100 users and you wanted to give access to a calendar to your coworkers, you had to include 100 people in the access control list.

Pretty crazy, right? 🤪

This is why user group sharing was so important.

How to access this feature

Accessing the new access controls is very easy and does not require any additional work from you.

If you’ve already shared some calendars, it is going to be that much more easier.

Within the sharing option on your calendar click Access & Sharing to invoke sharing popup.

Once the sharing window opens, there was added a new tab called “Groups“.

Within the search box you can simply enter a name of your group and assign it access to the calendar.

Note: The search is case sensitive! It means that if your group is called “TEAMLEADERS” (everything with caps), then you need to type “TEAMLEADERS” into the search window as well.


An integral part of the sharing options anywhere is permissions control.

Here you can choose, if the group that the calendar has been shared to will have WRITE permission. It means that members of this group will have a permission to create events in the calendar.

Once you do not wish to grant such permission, simply leave the toggling button turned off and the members of the user group will be able only to see the calendar events and mark the attendance status (if they’d been invited to an event)

Closing remarks

This feature has been built by your feedback that you provided via email or live chat (intercom). Hope fully this feature will allow our others users to control access to their calendars as well.

If you have more features on mind, just include them in our roadmap or let’s chat via the email or live chat.

Thanks for reading! 👋