Author: Ivan Hanák

What’s the difference between Kanban board vs Scrum board in Jira?

Kanban, scrum, agile, board, todo-inprogress-done. If you’re one of the regular folks, you might treat the aforementioned keywords almost the same – as if they were referring to the same thing. And in reality, they somehow do. They all relate to the process of getting things done in a systematic manner. In this case it […]

How to create a release in Jira (Cloud)

A release, version or a fixVersion are labels for the same thing in Jira (Cloud). In order for you to start using the releases, you need to turn on this feature for your project. This also means that if you want to have releases option for multiple project, you need to set it for each […]

What’s a difference between “project” and “board” in Jira?

When using Jira, you will surely encounter lots of new keywords that are used contextually and their meaning might not be clear right away. This article is written exactly for that reason and I’ll explain the difference between a project and a board. Definitions To find out the difference between the two, we must first […]

Privacy policy upcoming changes

The plugins available on Atlassian Markaetplace have been available for around 1 year and it has come time to do some tidying up. One of the major things to do is to update our policies to better reflect what are the terms under which our apps can be used and also our policies to handling […]

Event Calendar for Jira – September ’21 Udpates

It’s been a while since the plugin was last updated, but it’s been worked on heavily to include more functionality from plugin’s roadmap. Weekly view Option to show/hide weekends Setting start of the week for the whole calendar Wrapping up Currently, the main feature Google Calendar and Outlook365 integration is being developed and in the […]

How to write a perfect “bug” summary

When using Jira for a software project, you’ll be creating issues probably on a daily basis. What might be confusing after some time is to actually standardize a summary for the individual issues. In this article I’ll try to have a look how to write a perfect summary for the issue type: bug. What does […]

List View for Jira: July ’21 update

During the past week there was an update to the Issue List View for Jira addon. It included a few of visual updates that made the plugin that much more usable: a issue type icon (TASK, BUG, STORY…) was added a priority icon was added the columns order was changes to resemble the list view […]

Introducing: Sharing Project Notes to user groups! 🎊

A few days ago we received a positive review for one of our apps. The review also contained a very interesting feature request. The Project Notes for Jira has already contained a feature of sharing a note amongst your colleagues. But if you wanted to share a note for everybody on the project, you had […]