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Cost effectively bring your scrum standups on a single place

1. Organize thoughts

No more "hmmm" or tedious thinking during the face-2-face standups. Everything has been put down so as everybody is informed about the most important information and ready to discuss and resolve blockers.

2. Provide feedback

The approval controls allows you to provide feedback to your teammembers that indicate you've read the report.

3. Retrospect

Data reports brings you great way of how you can get back and look what was the most important issue during the development and what led to solution.

Packed with functionality for all team sizes

Asynchronous standups

Asynchronous daily scrum standups

Allow your colleagues not to be required to be online at the same time, but still participate.

Issues & blockers

Attach issues and blockers for daily standups

Attach completed issues or blockers to your daily standup so as you can get back to them later and see, what caused performance or blocked you.

Built natively

Built natively into Jira

Have daily standups data directly within each project in Jira. All in one place.

Beautiful reports

Daily Standups reporting

Check up regularly on your team performance directly from generated performance reports.

Permissions & roles

Scrum standups security and permissions

Grant advanced functionality only to scrum masters or project managers so as everyone in the team has tool they need.

Slack notifications

Daily Standups Slack Notifications

Get notified by your most favourite work communication tool.

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