Visualize & plan your issues in modern calendar way

Issue Calendar for Jira

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Good work on getting a new app for JIRA issues, it was much needed. Also you guys giving frequent updates, which is quite handy. Thanks.
4/4 star review
Super helpful and offers impressive support for a free app... I asked for a new feature and they really managed to implement it. :) Thank you for your work!
4/4 star review
Looks amazing!

Visualize & plan your issues the modern calendar way.
Supports issues, versions and drag&drop.

Issues in calendar

Finally a way how to display your issues in a clear calendar view. Supports all issue types (task, bug, story, subtask) and also custom issue types.

Issues in calendar - Jira

Drag n' drop

If you need to change a date of your issues quickly, use our built-in drag n drop feature just like in any other calendar.

Drag n drop calendar - Jira

Create issues

This very useful option allows you to create the individual issues directly from the calendar.

Daily Standups - Jira


Allows you to display your versions in the calendar and plan accordingly.

Versions calendar - Jira

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Issue Calendar for Jira helps you to visualize & plan your issues in a modern calendar view

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