If you’re reading this, you should be already familiar with an information that Atlassian is moving its server products to cloud.

This should be accomplished by the year 2024.

If you’re running your Jira, Confluence or any other Atlassian products in the server version, you should prepare your team and also your whole company to migrate to the Cloud.

What to pay attention to

You did choose the server version for a reason.

Now’s the time to get back and evaluate, whether that reason still makes sense in this day and age.


For example, if the reason you chose the server version was because of the security concerns, you can be pretty sure that this is not an issue anymore.

Atlassian is currently one of the few cloud companies, that does not fear to admit that they take the security of their customers very seriously. The whole Atlassian Cloud products are packed with the latest options, like for example SSO, 2FA, compliance with the latest security standards and so on.


If the reason you chose the server version was that you can provision Jira or Confluence and guarantee the speed for your employees, with the cloud version this should not be an issue anymore.

Currently, whether we want it or not, most of the work is being done online (online meeting, chat applications… etc). Web application providers invest heavily into the development of their application so as they can be as fast as possible for their end users.

Atlassian guarantees 99.9% – 99.95% uptime of the whole cloud and in the recent months, the web application of Atlassian (for example Jira or Confluence) got dozens of updates and are currently running really smoothly.


You might be asking, if it is going to be possible customise the application by your own company needs. And this is very true to be possible.

Atlassian Marketplace is a place where you can find almost any addon for your workflow as you might think of. Whether is it a Google Calendar integration, an integration of Jira with Slack or even something as specific as running Daily Scrum Standups inside Jira, you can be pretty sure you can find it there.


A final date for end of server Atlassian products is coming soon and it is going to be mandatory to migrate to Data Center or a Cloud version.

Cloud version having dozens of benefits and flexibility should be a great choice for your company.

Be sure to check out the official Atlassian Server to Cloud Migration Guide in the link below.

In case you have interest in customising your Jira or Confluence with a custom addon to take care of some of your processes or to speed up your workflow, do not hesitate to contact us on this link.