Redeeming a promo code for an Atlassian product addon is very easy.


  • to have the addon installed and activated trial license
  • to have an admin Jira/Confluence permission


1.Open app management

From the top navigational bar click “Apps” » “Manage your apps“.

After the app management screen is displayed, from the left navigational menu on the left click “Promotions“.

2. Open promo code window

On the Promotions window find a button “Apply promotion code” and click it.

3. Enter promotion code

On the newly opened popup window find a text input field and enter the promo code there. After you’ve entered the code into the field, click the “Check” next to the field to verify the code.

4. Apply promotion

After the code has been verified, you will be informed about the application that it belongs to. Then find a button “Apply promotion code” and click it

That’s it!

By doing so you’ve successfully applied the promo code and now you can enjoy the subscription for the plugin with a discount.

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