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Getting started with “Cross-Project Board for Jira”

Cross-Project board for Jira is here to allow you to manage your work with Kanban board more efficiently. It does that by making it possible to show issues from multiple projects inside one Kanban board.

In this tutorial you’ll learn, how to get started with the plugin within your Jira instance.


1. Installation

As the very first step, is to install the application into your Jira instance from the marketplace:

2. Opening the app

After the successfully installation you can always find the application in the top navigation menu: “Apps” -> “Cross-Project board“.

3. First-time set up

After you open up the application interface, you can start working right away.

The application requires no additional setup and it can be launched without needing any advanced technical skills.

Simple from the right sidebar choose a project you want to work with.

cross-project board for jira

That’s it

In this tutorial you’ve learnt, how to get started with Cross-Project Board for Jira.

The whole process of setting up the plugin is very easy and you can do it in no time. In case you need assistance with the setup, get in touch at

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