Issue Calendar for Jira has been available for around 1 year now. During this time it allowed around 2500 Jira instances to visualize the issues on a calendar.

Also, during this time lots of feedback was generated, took into consideration and actually built into the plugin.

In order to handle all of the important features that are being developed, the application changed its pricing model into a paid application.

Current users will keep using free

This switch is here not to affect current users in any way.

This is why there will be special offers taking place:

  • users who had installed Issue Calendar for Jira prior to switch to paid application, will not be required to upgrade to the paid version for the following 9 months
  • users who had installed Issue Calendar for Jira prior to switch version will be offered a promo code 100% OFF for the 6 months, in case of switching to the paid version

If you have had installed Issue Calendar for Jira before, you are eligible for the two aforementioned offers.

If you need more information, contact us at

Information about pricing

Team SizeMonthly per user
Up to 10 usersFree
11-100USD 2.25
101-250USD 1.89
251-1000USD 1.58
1001-2500USD 1.43
2501-5000USD 1.34
5001-7500USD 1.26
7501-10000USD 1.19
10001-15000USD 1.02
15001-20000USD 0.95

You can read more about the pricing on the plugin’s pricing page.


If the switch from free model to paid model disrupts functioning of your organization, do not hesitate to get in touch via email: or find support on our support page so as we can find a solution.

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